Mission statement

Our vision

We strive to be the preferred family restaurant for the March and Höfe area… and beyond! We offer guaranteed quality – always at a fair price, of course. Our team is noted for our friendliness and our staff are committed to regular professional training to develop their expertise.

Our philosophy

Vive la différence… variety is the spice of life! The difference between us and other people is that … we don’t make comparisons. Our first and foremost goal is simple: all who arrive here as guests should leave the Schäfli as friends.

Our mission

Your happiness is of primary importance to us. We do our utmost to ensure that your needs and wishes are met. We achieve this with our extensive range of food and drink options, our infrastructure and our vision. Plus, of course, our own trade secrets...

Our values

Our staff are just as important to us as our guests and wellbeing takes top priority. We are one big family and everyone has the same rights. We believe wholeheartedly in sustainability and ecology, and obtain our food and drink from regional suppliers as far as possible. We are fully committed to ensuring we always offer you the same excellent quality – whether of our food & drink or our service.